"K.M. Packaging Co., Ltd." is the name for Thailand's leader in Disposable packing manufacturer.

Suppliers to major Thailand companies, including CRG, MFG, Coca-Cola, Yum Restaurant, 7-eleven, etc.


K.M. Packaging Co., Ltd was established in 1984 after it was realized that the trends of the needs of paper cup will be increasing due to trends from Western countries. We do serve most of the Franchises more and more since then. Since inception K.M.P. has recorded impressive growth, doubling in size and output on average every five years.

Now we do have more than 20 cup sizes available to serve customers. Drinking Paper Cup, Ice cream cup and full range of Bucket sizes are also available.

This has been achieved by anticipating market needs and meeting then with prompt service and technological advances. K.M.P. was first to produce poly coated paper cups in Thailand, rather than using wax. With full range of printing capability, K.M.P. now provide short lead time with higher quality products from state-of-the-art equipments.

In January 2003, K.M.P. was achieved ISO 9001:2000. This is to guarantee all customers the services and product quality. Since then we was ready to start the export market. We have continued to improve both efficiency and customer service with more focus on a total foodservice solution K.M.P. is not focused merely on the production side, but also focus on "One Stop Service". This will convenience all customers not to keep touring around to get all items. K.M.P. provides wide ranges of products and services to various food outlets that cater to both hot and cold take away drinks and foods.

In November 2006, K.M.P. achieved ISO 22000, which is focused more on GMP and HACCP. This is to ensure all customers on the product hygiene. This is a very big concern to all customer health. Currently K.M.P. manufactures paper cups for a wide variety of uses including cold drinks, hot beverages, hot chips, ice-cream, popcorn and many other products which benefit from being presented in well designed packaging. The consistent quality for these varied uses of our products are ensured by our stringent quality control standard which exceed most world best practice benchmarks for paper cup manufacturing.

Regarding paper packaging products, imported raw materials and local materials are used as appropriate; particularly significant are paper cups and ice cream cups which require high quality imported paper only.

We look forward to being a supplier of an increased range of packaging products with economical budget in the future.